Adjustable Fluid Resistance by FDF

At the core of every FDF fitness machine is our patented Twin Tank adjustable Fluid Resistance. Each machine offers a range of resistance from feather light to Olympic intensity, all the while remaining silky smooth at any speed.

FDF designed and manufacture both Horizontal and Vertical tank formats, all with a large range of Fluid Resistance, all super smooth to use and all with their unique sight, sound and feel. There is a lot of science as to why our adjustable Fluid Resistance tanks work so well, the detail of which is revealed with-in the website pages of the three FDF product ranges: FluidRower, FluidExercise and FluidPowerZone.



Adjustable Resistance

A vast range of indoor rowers including wooden, steel and hybrid construction, as well as vertical and horizontal adjustable tanks.



Upper Body

A comprehensive set of high quality, commercial fitness machines with Adjustable Fluid Resistance. These highly versatile machines engage virtually every muscle group, with the ability to target strength, build endurance and to rebuild stability, flexibility and balance. Perfect for medical/rehabilitation purposes, FluidExercise machines are the go-to for total body reconditioning and rapid recovery progression.



Six Unique Fluid Power
Training Machines

A range of Fluid Resistance fitness machines, designed for training in any Zone – Cardio, Power, Strength or Speed. Our patented Twin Tank system delivers 10 levels of fluid, concentric only resistance that will accommodate all levels and abilities, from general fitness enthusiasts to elite athletes and provides a perfect platform for rehabilitation/medical applications.


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