A Throne for a King – Josh Crosby Promotes FDF Rowing Machines on The Doctors

A Throne for a King – Josh Crosby Promotes FDF Rowing Machines on The Doctors

Next Generation Fitness based upon Fluid Innovation Technology

Have you ever wanted to combine cardio fitness and strength training in one, increase your flexibility and burn calories from your living room? First Degree Fitness offer you a simple solution with their indoor rowing machines backed with fluid innovation technology. Fitness coach and world champion rower Josh Crosby joined The Doctors to tell the world that rowing packs “a mean punch” with the assistance of FDF rowing machines built with Fluid Innovation Technology. Check out the article below:

Josh Crosby Rowing Workout



The best rowing machines that are as easy to use as 1, 2, 3.

Learning how to row from scratch may seem a daunting task, but Josh insists that in only three simple steps you can be well on your way to partaking in an efficient rowing machine workout. This is where Josh’s simple 3×3 formula comes into play. On the way out you push back with your legs, lean back with the core, and pull with the arms. Then you simply reverse the moves on the way in; arms, core then legs. Just as if you were lifting a heavy box, you take the load with your legs to avoid straining your lower back.

Take a grip of the handle to get a grip of your health

To get the best results out of an FDF water rowing machine and most importantly, yourself, make sure that your grip on the handle is a shoulder width apart. This opens up the chest and lungs to allow the maximum level of cardio fitness gain. Josh says “You should always use overhand grip for rowing. If you want to work out your biceps more, I say go and lift some weights.”

The rowing machine benefits that will keep you afloat

As seen on The Doctors, the FDF rowing machine workout is simple and easy to follow, with the potential of burning anywhere from 400 to 800 calories per hour. Josh Crosby gets behind our FDF rowing machines, and we stand behind him to provide an unrivalled emulation of a boat moving through the water. Follow in the footsteps of a world champion, and take a seat on an FDF Rowing Machine today!

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