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Reasons to Consider Machines With FDF Patented Adjustment

All FDF machines have adjustable fluid resistance. Clearly you need to be able to change the load on any exercise to suit your requirements, or those of anyone else using your machine.

All FDF machines are easy to use with a minimum of adjustments required, anyone can get on and go quickly and easily.

All FDF machines are silky smooth to use at any level and at any speed, when you have made the effort to start exercising it feels good when the machine feels good.

All FDF machines have the unique sight, sound and feel of being around water.

All FDF machines are easy to move around on their high quality in-built transport wheels.

All FDF manually adjusted machines will work without an external power source, so they can be used in most rooms of your home or most spaces with-in your fitness facility.

All FDF product ranges come with Commercial grade options, suitable for the heaviest of use.

All FDF machines have an efficient foot print, many of our rowers stand up for severely reduced storage space.


See how we have applied these specific advantages at FluidRower, FluidExercise and FluidPowerZone.

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