Air Blows, Water Rows

Air Blows, Water Rows

Comparing the advantages of FluidRowers vs. blowers

In this article, we explore the unique advantages of the patented First Degree Fitness fluid innovation (water resistance rowing machines) compared with air rowing machines (blowers).

It’s common knowledge that indoor rowing is great for achieving a full-body workout, improving cardiovascular fitness and strengthening major muscle groups. A good rowing machine can help you reach any fitness goal, from Cross-Fit to rehabilitation – but its performance and flexibility lies in the rowing machine’s ability to change resistance level from low to high, and its likeness to rowing in a boat.

FDF fluid rowers, replicate the natural catch and feel of actual on-water rowing, in an unrivalled emulation of propelling a boat through water.

Not only can this feel quite cathartic, the fluid rower’s core competitive advantage lies in its stroke profile. From catching the water at the right angle, to digging deeper to gain speed – the clever integration of sensory and functional features combine to support a natural indoor water rowing technique that is never boring or repetitive.

Only the First Degree Fitness indoor rowers combine the optimal power curve of fluid resistance with patented adjustable resistance for an ideal rowing workout.

In comparison, air rowing machines or ‘blowers’ use a fan or fly wheel to generate resistance. During this process, air is forced noisily through fan blades driven by a metal chain attached to the handle.

More importantly, the resistance generated by any air rower peaks later than the natural force generated by the human body while rowing on the water, or when using a fluid rower. Air rowers load the body with resistance at the wrong point during the stroke for optimal efficiency, unlike fluid rowers.

Put simply, air rowing machines cannot provide an optimal workout due to the shortcomings of air based resistance. FDF’s patented twin-tank creates a smooth stroke that doesn’t have the intimidating high peak resistance, experienced with other indoor rowing machines.


What about adjustable resistance?

The convenience and functionality of the fluid rower’s adjustable selector dial means you can change the intensity mid-workout to meet individual fitness goals. This unique, patented feature is also perfect for group training, where multiple users of differing fitness levels can be catered for, as well as interval training.

Air rowers don’t let you change resistance more than 10 per cent at any given stroke rate. Other lesser quality FluidRowers allow the water to accelerate in the tank with each stroke, resulting in a resistance peak in the middle of the stroke, with no respect to the length or rate of stroke.

Watch our new campaign video ‘Air Blows, Water Rows’ below, or read more about the benefits of water rowing here.

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