FDF Launch The PowerZone – A Circuit Training Game Changer

FDF Launch The PowerZone – A Circuit Training Game Changer

This Concentric Fluid Power Training System Delivers the Ultimate Power Endurance Workout.

In 2018, FDF will launch its first concentric fluid power training system. A six-piece circuit, the first four pieces are due for release in Q2 and available for demo at TaiSPO and FIBO. The final PowerZone pieces, Power Climb and Power Press will be released in Q3.

What is concentric fluid power training?

The PowerZone pieces are built to deliver concentric resistance only. Therefore, once you’ve completed the drive resistance phase of a movement (muscle shortening phase), you’re done; there’s no resistance on the eccentric (muscle lengthening) phase (the part that causes fatigue). This could be compared to a weightlifter who is trained to drop the weight at the top of the movement, rather than lowering it under strain.

To really understand the essence of concentric fluid power training, you first need to understand the essence of power endurance training. Power is the most functional form of fitness; it is the combination of strength and speed. Endurance however, adds an aerobic component, which is central to group training.

The unique advantage of FDF’s patented fluid resistance, the mechanics behind every PowerZone unit, is the ability to apply peak power to the entire range of motion without risk. It is practically impossible to hurt yourself because the force is simply based on your output. The more force you generate, the more resistance you receive.

Why is PowerZone circuit training a game changer?

The PowerZone will transform the group circuit mentality due to its functional flexibility and ability to accommodate such a broad range of users at the same time – from a teen, senior or average gym goer, through to elite athlete. The PowerZone will even satisfy the high intensity and volume of training necessary to supplement traditional Olympic lifting without compromise.

By way of example, two individuals with massively different abilities could appear to be doing the same workout, but can both be training at an individual peak power.

From complexes to functional training, the PowerZone allows you to perform Olympic style movements without the technical skill, risk of injury, or intimidation that typically comes with that environment.

Its small footprint, yet high volume, high intensity range of movements really does provide a solution for group training that keeps patrons safe and is easy to administer with very little knowhow.

FDF Unveil 2018 Product Range at TaiSPO

Power Cube

The Power Cube is an effective posterior chain and functional trainer, working the biggest and strongest muscles in the body at a high volume, without overloading. Designed to support complex lifting routines, consisting of a sequence of several exercises, the Power Cube removes the weak muscular or mechanical link of traditional weight training to provide a Progressive Concentric Load Cycle to the targeted muscles. You can train at peak power throughout the entire range of motion.

Power Erg

The Power Erg is an anterior chain and functional trainer, supporting full body pulling movements that combine body weight and fluid resistance to achieve an impact free workout. The adjustable fluid force allows the user to create greater resistance throughout the entire range of motion while training at peak power.

Targeting the core, triceps and latissimus dorsi, the design of the Power Erg creates an inertial mass that is not only influenced by fluid force but also by the load of your own body weight as you push up from a squat position.

Power UBE

Designed for strength, intensity, agility, stability, flexibility and balance, the Power UBE is a commercial-grade water resistance ergo. This power endurance piece is aerobically oriented and complements the strength focused units in the PowerZone. Ultimate Power UBE RPM should be maintained somewhere between 50-65. Anything below 50 may feel too heavy and cause unnecessary strain on joints, while an RPM over 65 may have you spinning out because your load is too light.

Power Row

The Power Row is FDF’s strongest rowing platform offering a rugged performance and unique frame design for training at peak power. It’s patented twin tank design offers a massive resistance range of 10 x fluid force with a side mounted tank for seated level change. Experience the natural catch and consistent resistance of a rowing stroke on water, this robust indoor rower caters to any age and fitness level.

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