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Smooth Resistance At Any Speed

To have an exercise machine without a good range of resistance is like having a treadmill that only goes one speed.

The patented FDF Twin tank system offers a discernible range of resistance independent of speed of use. Everybody recognises that the easiest way to make progressive improvements at nearly everything in life is to create small incremental changes to facilitate adaptation. In fitness this is obvious, add a little more weight, do a few more reps, add an additional set; these small increments trigger an adaptation that is your increase in strength, increase in stamina, increase in speed, or loss of excess weight and so on.

To create an incremental load to improve your fitness or strength on any particular activity you are generally able to manipulate your speed of activity, your range of motion, your work time, your rest time, and the number of work/rest cycles you complete. The most obvious is to alter the load setting, the weight or the resistance.

Surprisingly there are many fitness machines using water or air as “resistance” that do not let you adjust that resistance. Some have adjustment, but it only works if you increase your speed. Clearly this is a disadvantage for many exercise and rehabilitation programmes. In the indoor rowing market, where we manufacture some 20 or so models (see FluidRower) and all our machines have adjustable resistance, it just makes sense.

As our Fluid Resistance Twin Tank system is so smooth, reliable, efficient and effective it has been adapted to other exercise machines, see our unique range of concentric fluid power training machines at FluidPowerZone.

There is a lot of science behind why our patented Twin Tank system works so well but the result is that you can train at any speed with a resistance that will allow you to reach your fitness goals.

Vertical Tanks

Incremental scale of Fluid Resistance for 10 Level Vertical Tank is:
LEVEL 1-10%, 2-20%, 3-30%, 4-40%, 5-50%, 6-60%, 7-70%, 8-80%, 9-90%, 10-100%

FDF Vertical Twin Tank - How it Works

Bi-Directional Arm Cycling

The Twin Tank Adjustable Fluid Resistance system provides a silky smooth, consistent resistance in either direction at any speed.

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