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Concentric Training and FluidPowerZone

All FluidPowerZONE machines deliver concentric resistance provided by our patented Twin Tank system. The resistance is only applied in the drive phase, the recovery phase is virtually resistance free.

When using the CUBE, the ROW, and the PRESS the resistance in the drive phase is clearly distinct from the no load during the recovery phase. The CLIMB and the UBE only have a drive phase. The ERG has a drive/recovery phase in some activities and a continuous drive phase in others.

Concentric resistance training has obvious applications for very high intensity training, and it is equally as advantageous for the deconditioned exerciser and those on a path of physical rehabilitation.

Variable Fluid Resistance and Concentric Training

Our Twin Tank system provides a semi isokinetic resistance that does not create any momentum, so the load you have selected will be ready in full at the end of each recovery phase with no lag. The disadvantages of a mechanism that creates momentum can clearly be demonstrated in the lag felt on most air rowers and ski ergometers at the start of each consecutive drive phase.

When using weights as a resistance, either free weights or pin loaded weights, there is a distinct disadvantage of training at speed because of the momentum developed. This momentum results in a reduction of the load through the later stages of any specific movement. Simply put the muscles work hard at the beginning of a movement and then just coast through the rest of the exercise.

Concentric Action

Concentric muscle contractions are where the muscles are contracting while shortening, as in the lift phase, pull phase or push phase of any action. Eccentric muscle contractions are where the muscles are contracting while lengthening as in the recovery phase of any lift, pull or push.

Eccentric Phase Eliminated

As the variable resistance Twin Tank only provides resistance in the concentric phase and does not develop any momentum you do not need to deal with the dangers of an uneven load or the muscle wrenching loads of catching or slowing a weight with momentum.

This momentum free concentric only resistance is not only the safest way to complete your strength training, it allows for each rep to be completed at any speed without the need to deal with the negative and potentially dangerous consequences of an accelerating weight.


Simply expressed: Power = Resistance x Speed. Power is measured in Watts.

At any given Resistance the faster you move the more Power you generate. Similarly to move more resistance at any given Speed is to generate more Power. Power is an instantaneous measurement, easily highlighted by the FPZ Monitor.

The Monitor on the FPZ machines measure your power output and can display the Power though each stroke or repetition described as a Power Curve or display a cumulative graph of Peak power. Once you understand how the Monitor works for you, it will keep you on track to make your training as efficient and specific as possible. No weight stack or free weight can guide you in this way.

Please continue to explore the website for more insights into the science and benefits behind FluidPowerZONE.


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