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About FluidPowerZone by FDF

FluidPowerZONE is a range of fitness machines based on our unique patented Twin Tank fluid resistance system. The vertical Twin Tank was launched in 2002 on our FDF Limited (FDF) Rowing Machine (FDR-01), this release challenged the conventional thinking of how water could work to provide resistance rather than just add momentum to a flywheel. In 2005 we released the world’s first water based fluid Upper Body Ergometer (UBE).

The complete understanding of the benefits of our innovative resistance system is still percolating through the fitness industry. As FDF continued to release a range of rowers and UBE’s it became clear that the unique properties of our Twin Tank system could be applied to other fitness products. The CLIMB and the ERG were the obvious inclusions, but the PRESS and the CUBE take another step to high-light the distinct training opportunities and advantages of our variable fluid resistance system.

FDF found an ally in US based Andy Baxter in 2017; click here to view his Bio. Andy already knew the distinct advantages of Concentric Training and was able to bring his expertise into the design, manufacture and highlight the unique physiological responses that make the idea of being able to train at Peak Power or in any ZONE a reality on our FPZ machines.

Why is FluidPowerZone Circuit Training a Game Changer?

The next step in utilizing the distinct advantages of Fluid Power Training was to accurately measure work output. Much effort and design was applied to create the Bluetooth compatible console so that every FluidPowerZONE machine measures POWER (Watts). The Monitor can plot power of your every stroke (or repetition) or plot a cumulative graph of your peak output. This allows the participant to see in real time their power output, every rep, every set, every time. The monitor is interval training ready to help you manage your work to rest ratios.

When training on FluidPowerZone machines you control the resistance, range of motion and speed and at the same time monitor your power output; you are in control of your fitness outcomes like never before.

Combining the six different machines in the FPZ range creates a total body work out like no other. With careful selection of your desired power output and work to rest ratios you can train in any zone, specific to your individual requirements, even in a class format.

A novice training at a low power output can be followed by a professional athlete training at their level, both in the same circuit and both training in their specific training zone.

This efficiency, variety and specificity has FluidPowerZONE machines and circuits suitable for a large range of applications, including Defence Forces, Aged Care facilities, Commercial Health Clubs, Corporate Offices and Hotel, Apartment complexes.

The Concentric Fluid Resistance of FluidPowerZone machines allows you to train safely at peak power with high volume and less recovery time; this is a real game changer.

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