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Review of the PowerZone concentric training system

In an era where collegiate and professional athletes are consistently analyzed through a spectrum of speed, power, and performance metrics, The Power Zone equipment line is the most ideal training option available. If maximum power per repetition is your ultimate goal, the Power Zone’s concentric demands yield the best speed, power, and endurance improvements across the board. The patented adjustable ?uid resistance mechanism allows each athlete to train through full ranges of motion and essentially guarantees injury free max effort time and time again. Power Zone proves that water is the athlete’s greatest asset!


Joe Caligiuri
Stadium Performance Founder
Super Bowl XXXIX winning Athletic Trainer & Strength Coach

Comments on Fluid Power Zone for his PT patients

Rarely does a session go by that does not include at least one stop or an entire circuit of the Fluid Power Zone for my patients – regardless of diagnosis. Can any of us imagine a patient that does not need more power? Fluid Power Zone gives me the opportunity to build the most adaptable, functional type of concentric contraction that I can identify; moving at a safe and pain-free speed for your own body tolerance… Gradually increasing that to the maximal speed that you want to exert…being incentivized the whole time to do as much as you can. For my own workouts and my patients- we need a stop at the “Fountain of Power”… which is better than a fountain of “youth”.


Mike Studer
National Award Winner Neurology & Geriatrics

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