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Your Workout. Your Zone.

The unique properties of our patented Twin Tank Fluid Resistance system allow you to train safely and efficiently in any training zone. FluidPowerZONE is so different because of the nature of the resistance; being concentric, semi isokinetic and virtually momentum free. See the pages Concentric Training and How it Works for a more complete explanation of the Twin Tank and its specific properties.

Key Training Zones

The key zones we refer to are Cardio, Power, Strength and Speed. Obviously there is a cross-over in each of these zones, but there are parameters that define each zone. Each zone is specific to each individual. Clearly a large frame trained athlete is able to train at higher levels on all parameters compared with a deconditioned novice exerciser.

As we “stress” the body with exercise it responds and adapts in different ways to the loads we apply to it. Different energy systems will respond differently as we adjust the Training Variables, these variables are described below.


1. LOAD/RESISTANCE – 1 to 10 on our Fluid Resistance Twin Tank

2. SPEED – You are in control of your speed of movement, measured in RPM (revolutions per minute) or SPM (strokes per minute)

3. ROM (Range of Motion) –  You can determine the “height of the STEP”, “the depth of a SQUAT” or “the length of any STROKE”.

4. WORK – The time of exercise under continuous effort, measured in Minutes and Seconds

5. REST – The amount of time between bouts of work, measured in Minutes and Seconds

6. SETS – The number of Work/Rest cycles completed

As you adjust these variables the body’s physiology adjusts to cope with these stresses and over time a training effect is produced. The body adapts to the stress to become, fitter, leaner, stronger, faster or more powerful.



Understanding POWER is part of the key to effective training in any of the ZONES.

POWER is an instantaneous measure of LOAD (resistance, weight, pressure) x SPEED (rpm, spm) and is measured in Watts.

The FluidPowerZone (FPZ) monitor will show you not only the SPEED of your work and the amount of your LOAD but also your POWER output. As indicated previously POWER is an instantaneous measure of output, and will vary through out a repetition or a stroke, this is clearly demonstrated on the FPZ monitor and will help you maintain your output. This variation of load throughout a repetition is known as a Power Curve.

The FPZ monitor can also track your peak power output to really keep you “honest” through out your work phase. There are a number of big fitness companies that have recognised the importance of tracking power; for example Life Fitness – ICG base their whole Coach by Colour program around monitoring your power out put.

Your Training Zones


The Cardio Zone refers to a training zone where the cardio-vascular system, more correctly termed the aerobic energy system, provides the majority of the energy needed to continue the activity. The exercise is usually rhythmic, light to moderate in intensity that can be maintained for relatively long periods of time, 30-60+ minutes. This training zone will always be at the lower end of your power spectrum.


The Power Zone refers to training efforts of explosive or high power. Power is measured as Resistance x Speed, developing maximum power or relatively high power can only be sustained for short bursts of effort. The patented Fluid Resistance of the Twin Tank system allows you to train in this zone with an unrivalled level of safety and efficiency.


The Strength Zone refers to exercising in a manner to progressively overload the muscles to promote muscle bulk and greater strength. The resistance is usually high and the speed of training lower. The concentric only loads of FPZ machines allows for higher than usual repetitions and faster recovery times to help promote growth and strength.


The Speed Zone refers primarily to replicating the acceleration and speed of specific functional or sporting movement. Our fluid resistance system is unique in many ways, but when it comes to training at speed it is more effective and safer than most other training modalities. Training fast isn’t all there is to improving acceleration and maintaining speed, FPZ will allow you to adjust all the variables to help you achieve your speed goals.

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