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Adjustable To Suit Your Requirements

Most rowing machines that use air or water as the method of providing “resistance” rely on an increase in your speed of rowing to increase the resistance; this only works well at high speeds. This principle equally applies for FluidRowers except FluidROWERS have the distinct advantage of being able to increase the resistance by the turn of a dial, without the need to increase your speed of rowing. If however, you increase your speed on any FluidRower, it will provide additional load. The science of fluid dynamics and how it works in our patented Twin Tanks starts to get complicated from here; you don’t need to be a scientist to understand that the resistance is silky smooth and works well at any speed at any part of the stoke.

All FluidROWERS incorporate our patented Twin Tank technology. See “How it Works” and “Twin Tank options” for additional detail. Our Twin Tanks can help you have the correct load to start on a new fitness program or create a fine increment to enhance your rehabilitation goals or challenge you to new levels.

All FluidROWERS are manufactured by FDF to exacting standards suitable for intense commercial fitness environments and home use. Each FluidRower is designed to cater for warm-ups, rehabilitation programs, long cardio rowing sessions, or withstanding the most vigorous HIIT rowing workout, all the while being silky smooth at any rowing speed.

Adjustable Resistance FluidRowers – The Perfect Advantage

Various pages within this Website outline the uniqueness of how our Fluid Resistance system works and how that translates to a myriad of advantages and exercise options for different population demographics. There are still some more advantages as to why a FluidROWER is right for your application, see below:

NO EXTERNAL POWER REQUIREMENTInstall machines on any flat surface, and they are ready to go

EFFICIENT FOOTPRINTAll rowers can be stored vertically between sessions to reduce their footprint

STAND ALONERowers are a complete workout machine on their own

EASY TO MOVEOne person can easily move any FluidRower from room to room

NEW EXERCISERSImmediate sense of accomplishment, low (adjustable) starting resistance levels

UNIQUE AESTHETICSTotally unique sight, sound and feel

FITS EVERYONENo adjustments required (except Rower Straps) for easy start

HIIT READYUnparalleled performance for any interval training workout

COMMERCIAL AND RESIDENTIAL MODELSUnparalleled range of FluidROWERS to choose from

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