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A Realistic Rowing Stroke – Like Rowing A Boat

If you are accustomed to the natural Catch and feel of on-water rowing, your rowing technique will immediately appreciate our FluidRower’s unrivalled emulation of a boat moving through water.

Similar to rowing a boat, FluidRower’s multi-bladed impeller and internal baffles within our patented Twin Tank Fluid Resistance system, generate a smooth and uniform stroke unrivalled in its precise replication of on-water rowing.

What stands out on a FluidRower is the instant Catch at the start of every stroke and the consistent resistance all the way to the finish. The seat mechanism is precisely manufactured to make recovering down the slide, silky smooth and silent.

The Catch is instant because the water in our tank is not acting as a flywheel but as a brake. During the recovery phase (see Rowing Technique) this braking force slows the impeller down so that at the start of the next drive phase the load is ready to be “caught”. Other rowers that use air or water as their “resistance” mechanism, generally have high impeller momentum at the end of the drive phase and this to a large extent is maintained during the recovery phase, meaning the Catch is mostly absent.  The load isn’t felt again until 25% way through the next drive phase.

FDF FluidRowers stimulate the senses by replicating the sight, sound and feel of real on-water rowing. The ability to adjust your resistance, your range of motion and your speed means you can tailor a FluidRower to meet your fitness and exercise requirements in the safest most effective way possible.

From Phase 3 of our Correct Rowing Technique, “the Catch”. The FluidRower catch is instant, and the resistance remains consistent throughout the stroke no matter what your rowing speed.

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