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At the core of all FDF machines is our patented Twin Tank technology, providing a series of distinct adjustment levels to cater for where you are at and provide a challenge so you can achieve your fitness or training goals. There are two main tank formats a horizontal tank and a vertical tank. The fluid dynamics of the two tank types is different but the patented adjustment mechanism works in the same way.

The patented technology comprises twin tanks, the inner passive or holding tank and the outer active or resistance tank.

When you select a high level, water will flow from the passive holding tank to the active resistance tank as you begin to exercise and you will experience the smooth fluid resistance, no matter what your speed.

Conversely, when you select a low level, the water will be transferred away from the active resistance tank back into the passive holding tank, lowering the resistance. You can even make adjustments on the fly to find a load that is just right for your training needs.

Vertical Tank Configuration

Horizontal Tank Configuration

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