Indoor Rowing Benchmarks That Will Make You a Better Rower

Indoor Rowing Benchmarks That Will Make You a Better Rower

Set Your Indoor Rowing Benchmarks

Are you finding it hard to benchmark your rowing workouts, but feel unsure how to set your indoor rowing performance metrics? By testing your current performance you have a platform from which to become more powerful and improve your training regime. Knowing the speed, consistency and efficiency you’re capable of achieving can help you lay a foundation from which to improve. Without knowing your numbers, you can’t set new goals and targets. Here are some tests you can complete to measure your indoor rowing metrics.


The 500m Indoor Row

This sprint allows you to go all out, since there’s not much room for error. It is best to focus on perfecting your technique, as that’s the best way to reduce your time. The aim is to get you time below two minutes and then continue to reduce it as your training continues.

The 1,000m Indoor Row

Often used in CrossFit, this indoor row can be challenging because you can’t go quite as hard as you can in the 500m, yet it doesn’t involve as much endurance as the 2000m rowing sprint. This means you’ve got to remain strong psychologically and stick to a solid strategy. The aim of the 1000m indoor row is to get your time below four minutes and then continue to reduce it closer to the three-minute mark.

The 2,000m Indoor Row

This is the longest sprinting distance in indoor rowing, which makes it one of the hardest tests to complete. It requires equal parts endurance and power. Mental fortitude can’t be forgotten — this test is considered to be as psychologically challenging as it is physically challenging. To complete it, you must have a solid strategy that forces you to continue as hard as you can instead of quitting. The aim is to eventually get your time down to seven minutes or less. For Olympic athletes and World Champions, this test is utilised in most training days.

The 5,000m Indoor Row

This is the shortest endurance event. Rather than focussing on speed as you would in a sprint, it’s important to try and maintain an effort for an extended period without giving up. Having a solid strategy is crucial when it comes to endurance tests, as is mental toughness. Aiming to get your time below 22 minutes is a good target to begin with. Remember rowing machine technique  is really important in getting you a great result.


Track your progress

These indoor rowing benchmark tests are best completed at least once a month to monitor your fitness progress. FDF indoor rowers offer advanced computer consoles and performance monitors with interactive software and USB connectivity, connecting you with web-based logging and ranking systems. This will allow you to monitor, track and your times for each benchmark. It’s important to work out your own baseline and set yourself realistic goals to see maximum improvement.

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