Indoor Rowing Championships Around the World

Indoor Rowing Championships Around the World

Challenge yourself at an Indoor Rowing Championship

Indoor rowing is a great way to get a full-body workout. Not only does it improve your cardiovascular endurance, but it strengthens and engages major muscle groups including: quads, hamstrings, back, shoulders, biceps, traps, lats, glutes and abdominal muscles. So, it’s no surprise indoor rowing is an increasingly popular workout.

There are several indoor rowing championships coming up across the globe. Check out the list below:


Welsh Indoor Rowing Championships

The Welsh Indoor Rowing Championships are coming up on 25 November 2017 in Cardiff. Anyone can register and there are events for men, women and juniors. Make sure you register by 15 November. Check out the records to beat.

British Rowing Indoor Championships

On 9 December 2017, the British Indoor Rowing Championships are being held in London. Anyone aged 11 years or over can enter, but get in quick, as registrations close on 29 November. Last year’s results can be viewed here.

Swiss Indoor Rowing Championships

Registrations for the Swiss Indoor Rowing Championship open on 1 December 2017. The competition takes place on 27 January 2018. Make sure you check out the 2017 results.

Northeast Erg Sprints

The 3rd annual Northeast Erg Sprints competitive rowing event is coming to Massachusetts on 27 January 2018. Registration open soon, so visit their website for more details. Here are last year’s results.

Erg Sprint Indoor Rowing Championships

The 37th Annual World Rowing Indoor Championships will be hosted in Virginia on February 17-18. Registrations close on 31 December and anyone can enter. Check out past records here.

Pan Pacific Master Games

This event will be held in Queensland on November 7-8, 2018. Entries are now open; however, competitors must be aged over 30. You can view the 2016 results here.


First Degree Fitness Fluid Rowers Aren’t Just for Athletes

Indoor rowing isn’t a sport exclusively for athletes — anyone can give it a go. First Degree Fitness’ fluid rowers emulate the sight, sound and feel of on-water rowing, making for a cathartic, yet realistic experience. Our indoor rowing technology allows the user to adopt a natural rowing movement, just as you would in a boat. The patented twin tank design means the rowing resistance can be adjusted incrementally to suit any fitness goal, this also means they’re suitable for injury rehabilitation and the elderly.

Certain First Degree Fitness upper body ergometers have been medically approved by the European Union Devices directive and are trusted by leading healthcare practitioners and rehabilitation centres. While they give the user a full-body workout, they also offer joint support to aid in a quicker recovery. Some of our upper body ergometers can be used seated and offer wheelchair accessibility, making them the ideal tool for shoulder rehabilitation. Make sure you check with a doctor before starting any new exercise regime.

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