Indoor rowing machines modified for the elderly and rehabilitation

Indoor rowing machines modified for the elderly and rehabilitation

Modified indoor rowing seat helps keep the disabled and elderly active

First Degree Fitness have introduced an optional lumbar support chair back across a range of commercial and home use indoor rowing machines.

A new alternative to the traditional indoor rowing machine seat, the lumbar support add on introduces a more stable seated position without inhibiting rowing function. Beneficial for anyone who is frail, elderly or undergoing rehabilitation, the lumbar support enables greater participation in indoor rowing.



Lumbar Support Chair Helps to Prevent Injury While Rowing

When added to an FDF water rowing machine, the new lumbar support chair back provides a safer way to exercise by taking the weight off the user’s hips and back and decreasing the chance of injury through instability.

When completing a full rowing stroke, the lumbar support also bolsters and protects the lower back and shoulders, while still allowing ample lean back on the pull. This means the user continues to benefit from the cardio and strength training aspects of indoor rowing, without the added pressure of core stability required on traditional rowing machine seats.

Posture is one of the key elements when it comes to having a good rowing technique. This seat can also be beneficial for posture correction assisting with core stability that might otherwise be limited.

A Rowing Machine that Builds Confidence and Ability

Our lumbar support adaptation is easy to install and attaches quickly and easily to most First Degree Fitness indoor rowing models.

Not only is this indoor rowing seat achieving advantages in agility, the user confidence it has inspired is also significant.

“I wanted to start exercising again and I thought a rowing machine would be a great machine to use, because they are easy on your joints. I was worried that I might have a fall getting in and out of the seat, but with the additional lumbar support I don’t have to worry about that anymore.”

Angus Gilligan –  75 year old retiree, Western Australia


Optional Lumbar Support Chair – FDF Rowing Machines

The optional lumbar support chair is available with the following FDF indoor rowing machines:

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