Indoor Rowing Training for Coastal Rowing Conditions

Indoor Rowing Training for Coastal Rowing Conditions

Training for Coastal Rowing

Coastal rowing is an adventure sport which involves rowing along a sea coast and out into open water. Considered tougher than Olympic-style rowing where the athlete travels in a straight line across flat water, coastal rowing encompasses the exhilarating nature of rowing on rough water in extreme conditions. Rowers must understand water conditions such as tides and currents and know what to do in bad weather or when they come across marine traffic.

This sport is particularly popular in Italy, France, Great Britain, the Maldives and in parts of Africa. Coastal rowing boats can also be used in rivers and lakes where the water isn’t flat. The 2017 World Rowing Coastal Championships were held in France on October 13-15. In the past, they have been held in Monaco, Peru, Greece and Sweden.

Coastal rowing boats differ from Olympic-style rowing boat in stability and robustness, allowing them to better navigate the tough conditions. They come as either singles, doubles or coxed quadruple sculls.


FDF Fluid Innovation and Ocean Rowing

First Degree Fitness’ commercial grade indoor FluidRowers use fluid innovation technology to simulate the maximum resistance experienced when rowing on a calm ocean. Not only do they provide an uncanny likeness to propelling a vessel through water, its optimal power curve combined with a realistic fluid resistance make FDF rowing machines the ultimate weapon when preparing an athlete’s physical condition for harsh sea conditions. The FDF Viking Pro was the rowing machine behind Row2Recovery Team Trident’s record breaking 4,800km Transatlantic ocean row in January 2017.

Our patented twin-tank technology allows for adjustable resistance at the turn of the dial. No other indoor rowing machine offers the same intensity of fluid force and perfect incremental level changes for any fitness level. This makes these machines perfect for group training sessions as well as interval training.

With a sensory experience almost identical to on-water rowing, you’ll barely know the difference when training on an FDF FluidRower — you can even drag them outside!  Don’t worry if you’re not in peak physical shape, FDF’s indoor rowers allow the user to vary the resistance from feather light to Olympic sprint mid stroke.


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