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Fluid Connect App Privacy Policy:
Fluid Connect APP collects location data to enable fitness tracking and record the work out data into your own devices.

Our Fluid Connect app allows you to record and review your workouts using our Bluetooth® Fluid Rower Consoles. Choose from a range of simple workout styles from just rowing to HIIT and review your session statistics and charts through the Session Log feature.

  • Communication via the standard Bluetooth® FTMS protocol
  • Rower session recorder that provides a number of workout styles
    • Just Row – no limit rowing at your own pace
    • Target Distance – aim for your fastest time over a fixed distance
    • Target Time – aim for greatest distance over a fixed time
    • Work/Rest Intervals – HIIT (Intense short work intervals followed by short rests)
  • Sortable workout session history with session summaries and charts
  • Odometer with total time, distance, and calories burned
  • Automatic firmware update support for Fluid Rower Consoles using Bluetooth DFU
  • Available for iOS and coming soon for Android

iPhone Screenshots

Fluid Connect is available for iPhone.

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