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Fluid Coach 1.3 for Windows

Our Fluid Coach software provides an easy-to-use interface with functionality to record and view your rowing sessions.
Download, install and run the software to your laptop or PC, connect to your console using a USB cable, and go.

Session Recorder

  • On screen Ergometer
  • Records Session Time, 500m Time, SPM, Heart Rate, Power, Calories (per hour and final total burned)
  • Choice of on Screen Graphs
  • Auto-save Feature

Session Viewer

  • Session Totals
  • Tabular View of All Sessions
  • Selected Session Summary
  • Simple Statistics with Choice of on Screen Graphs

Download & Installation

  1. Click the Download link below to download the zip file.
  1. Unzip the file and locate the installation files.
  2. Run setup.exe.
  3. Follow the installation instructions.
  4. Two shortcuts will be created on your desktop.
  5. A folder and two shortcuts will also be created in your Start Menu.
  6. Windows should automatically install the correct USB Device Driver but if you have problems, you can download and install the latest driver using the link below.

EXR for Windows & MacOS (USB)

Coming Soon

Connect with EXR and row through a virtual environment, with every stroke on the erg pushing you forward. Reach your full potential while topping leaderboards, winning minigames and beating challenges. Get real-time feedback and detailed reports on your athletic performance and sync them with your favourite apps. Set and crush your own goals, create custom workouts or just row at your own pace: EXR has it all!

5 Day Free Trial. 9.99USD Billed Monthly
or 95.88USD Billed Annually (7.99/Month Equivalent)

Download for Windows
Mac App Store

USB Developer Zone

Coming Soon.

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