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Fluid Rowers For Home Use

FDF fluid rowing machines are the perfect fitness solution for home use, offering both good looking form and function in a range of FluidRower models. Our entire range of home gym rowers feature FDF’s patented adjustable Fluid Resistance technology, challenging you to row harder, build strength and exceed your fitness goals. All FDF Home Fluid Rowers can be stored upright in between workouts.


Limited time? Get fitter in the comfort of your own home

FDF’s recreational home gym rowing equipment allows you to bring your outdoor passions indoors. Small and compact, our Fluid Resistance rowing machines are the perfect addition to any home gym, catering for all fitness levels and ages with selectable Fluid Resistance, ready to match any capability.

Our popular home rowing equipment range is designed to enhance the aesthetics of any room. Not only will your home rower become a popular talking point, it will provide the motivation for continual progression with its massive range of adjustable Fluid Resistance and professional rowing stroke. Our solid American Oak and steel framed water rowing machines are best sellers in the global home fitness category.


With minimal impact to the joints, FDF’s in-home rowers and upper body ergs offer a safe rehab solution for staying active and building strength at home. FDF’s diverse FluidRower range offers the flexibility to engage in rowing-based exercise at home with models that cater for arm cycling or rowing movements at different resistance levels. Our range of in-home rowing accessories for FluidRower cater for additional rowing lumbar support and elevated home rowing machine heights ensuring superior comfort.

Our home rowing machines and upper body ergs are also perfect for the ageing body offering a low impact exercise that has the potential to build stamina, stimulate bone growth and build bone mineral density.




FDF manufactures a wide range of commercial-ready FluidRowers constructed to withstand the all-day use in health facilities, sporting clubs, athletic training centres, crossfit gyms, and military establishments.


Commercial fitness centres that are equipped and clued up on rowing training can reap financial and reputational awards. Not only do indoor water rowing machines burn over 1000 calories per hour, they offer a low impact, total body workout making them popular with members of all ages and abilities.

Our commercial upper body ergos and commercial rowing machines are enabling club operators to set themselves apart. There are a growing number of competitive club operators globally who are utilising FDF rowing machines as part of an integrated training methodology with fantastic results.

Commercial – Rowing Studios

Rowing Studios and group rowing classes are growing in popularity globally. FDF commercial range of adjustable fluid resistance rowing machines are designed to handle heavy-use studio environments, delivering a robust, high intensity cardio performance that you can depend on. The sound of the group fluid resistance rowing class is less invasive than a room full of air resistance rowers, making the FDF rowers a popular studio choice. FDF’s adjustable fluid resistance is shared with some of the world’s largest fitness brands and is at the core of our unique on-water stroke profile. Find out why fluid rowers are unlike any other indoor rowing machine.

Commercial – CrossFit / HIIT Studios

FDF is constantly innovating new ways to accommodate fitness treads and CrossFit needs. FDF’s Fluid Resistance upper body ergo (UBE) is constructed for high intensity, powerful workouts. This standing upper body CrossFit ergometer can withstand even the harshest beating.

Commercial – Medical, Rehabilitation, Prehabilitation and Recovery Training

With the right supervision and guidance, indoor rowing can be a great way to support recovery from an injury or surgery. Indoor rowing for injury rehab can play a major role in improving cardiovascular endurance and muscular strength while engaging major muscle groups including: quads, hamstrings, back, shoulders, biceps, traps, lats, glutes and abdominal muscles.

FDF adjustable fluid resistance rowing machines are perfect for staying active during medical recovery, with minimal impact on the joints. Offering varying levels of fluid resistance and any stroke rate, you can choose a level of intensity that suits your indoor rowing rehab goals, while accommodating future progression.

When recovering from an injury, it’s important to start off sensibly and build your training program gradually. Always consult a medical professional before starting any new exercise regime and ensure you are using your rowing machine in the correct way.

FDF have introduced an optional lumbar back support chair back for a range of our FluidRowers. Elevating the rowers will assist the elderly and disabled more actively through indoor rowing. The modified seat is a popular option for rehabilitation facilities.

FDF FluidRower Elevate Kit raises the rower seat providing a more comfortable entry position and exit point. The Elevate Kit is ideal for the injured, aged, and even less flexible. Doubling the height off of the ground, the elevated positioning allows for greater user stability and convenience when getting on-and-off your FDF FluidRower.

Crafted from the finest hand-lacquered American Ash woodgrain in a black finish. It’s a quick, easy add-on to fit the legs to the base of your FDF FluidRower indoor rower to evaluate your rower experience.

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